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Expert Surrogacy & Domestic Adoption Webinar: The Hospital Experience

Adoption attorney Peter J. Wiernicki hosts a webinar on the hospital experience in domestic adoption

Adoption & ART attorney
Peter J. Wiernicki, Esq.

When parents adopt a newborn or have a child through a surrogate in the U.S., they often meet their baby at the hospital. The period leading up to, and just after, your child’s birth is intensely emotional, and involves many practical and legal decisions. Join attorney Peter J. Wiernicki, Esq., in a free surrogacy and domestic adoption webinar to ask your questions about notifying the hospital, the expectant mother’s/carrier’s birth plan, access to the baby and his or her medical records, termination of parental rights in adoption, filing for a birth certificate, discharge, getting ICPC clearance, and more.

The Building Your Family Expert Surrogacy and Adoption Webinar: The Hospital Experience was held on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 from 1PM to 2PM EDT.

Listen to the surrogacy and adoption webinar recording and view the slide presentation now ►

Peter J. Wiernicki is a principal in the Rockville, Maryland law firm of Joseph, Reiner & Wiernicki, P.C. He has been practicing adoption law for more than 25 years, representing adoptive parents and birth parents in independent and agency adoption, and also practices in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) law, education law, children’s issues, and litigation. Mr. Wiernicki is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys, and has served on the national Board of RESOLVE.

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  • triley5

    Can you provide a general overview of how it will work in the hospital – starting from when we arrive at the hospital what do we do?

    Is there anything from our side to have prepared before the baby is born to help expedite the ICPC clearance – and what is the average time for this – I have heard stories ranging from 1 week to 1 month?

  • Peggy Lynch

    When do Adoptive Parents get access to baby? Does surrogate have her parental rights terminated in hospital? Do adoptive parents get birth certificate by visiting county of residence & having foot print taken?
    Are. Adoptive parents considered foster parents for 6 months while agency conducts post adoption workers inspections? Do adoptive parents take baby home from hospital after 3 days. Thanks for you answer.

    • Mohitakonbest

      Why attach more wegiht when a celebrity struggles? These message boards are living proof that this is an issue that many couples struggle with! There are many comments about starting young, but frankly, the cost of living relative to salaries makes it much harder to financially be able to afford starting a family in your 20 s than it was even fifteen years ago. There is a reason you see many adults in their 20s living at home because it’s the only way they can save enough money to able to move out and start a family, especially if you live in an area like New York or California. There are others that could have started a family in their 20s but wanted to wait for other very good reasons as well that are not financial. Rather than saying you need to start having a family younger, etc., why not offer empathy and compassion and respect others for making the best decisions for them and their potential future families the best they can for their life circumstances?

  • Maxine Chalker

    Why aren’t home studies required for surrogacy as they are in adoption. People need a lot of support and evaluation to enter into this highly emotional journey.

  • melissa

    Question, on this post earlier before the webinar started it stated that if we couldn’t make the webinar that a link would be available for us to listen to the webinar after it concluded. Is that still going to be the case? I was really looking to use that as I was not able to take time off to listen to the webinar today. Thanks.

    • Profile photo of Eve Gilman

      Eve Gilman

      Hi Melissa, We’re sorry you couldn’t make the webinar yesterday, but, yes, the recording is now available. The link is on the page above, or here’s the direct link:

    • Ram

      Holiday- IF that’s possible. Some peploe don’t find their ideal mate to have children with until much later in life. Others want to settle into their careers before they start to have children. There are MANY reasons peploe hold off having children. While I’m glad it worked out for you others aren’t so lucky. My mom had graduated college, got married, started her career and had two children all by the time she was 23. That isn’t the norm. In America now the average age a woman gets married is 26. I’m glad Elisabeth shared her story. So many women go through it, it’s wonderful that they can talk about it freely and share their story with others.

  • Ellen


    I have tried to listen to the recording on both a Mac and PC, but am having technical issues. Is the recording available in a different format somewhere?


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