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Louisiana Adoption Laws and Professionals

As a Louisiana resident who’s interested in adopting, you have many adoption options, and this is the perfect place to begin exploring them. Below, you’ll find adoption agencies and adoption lawyers offering services in your state. Scroll past the listings to see Louisiana adoption laws and policies.


Each state maintains its own adoption policies, so the process can vary considerably for families, from state to state. Learn all about the legal guidelines for families adopting in Louisiana, whether you’re adopting a newborn through domestic, private adoption, an infant or older child from U.S. foster care adoption, or an infant, toddler, or older child through international adoption. Find answers to the most common questions about Louisiana adoptions.


A single adult who is 18 years or older or a married couple jointly.

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  • grneyedblnd01

    My husband and I will be adopting a 3 month old baby born to a mom in jail. He is currently in the care of a family member under provisional custody until a family was found. This is the birth mother’s 4th child, all of whichjhavebbeen adopted out. The baby is referred to as “a trick baby.’ This mom has no desire for contact in any way and the current providers do not have any interest or the capability to continue to care for him. What is the easiest and quickest way to do this simple, private adoption?
    Thank you!!!

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