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Join Building Your Family, the Annual Infertility and Adoption Guide in print and digital formats to reach a vast audience of families eager for family building guidance.

In print and online for over 30 years!


List your practice in the National Infertility and Adoption Directory. State-by-state professional listings in print and online databases, searchable by location state, and services provided. Each listing includes an email information form and is visible in print, mobile, tablet, and desktop versions.

Advertise your clinic, practice, or professional office in four color display advertising in print and banner advertising online and in our E-newsletters. You’ll be adjacent to authoritative editorial content including:

  • Expert Advice: leading legal and medical authorities outline the specifics of donor, surrogacy, or adoption options

  • Practical Tools: worksheets and checklists help families make decision, budget accurately, select professionals and more

  • Personal Stories: heartwarming essays describing the process and the emotions from parents who’ve been there

Benefit from widespread distribution and national promotion throughout the infertility and adoption universe:

  • Heavy online promotion via paid search, optimized SEO, and social media

  • Digital and mobile editions: available as a free app in iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon app stores

  • Wide print distribution to fertility clinics and physicians, fertility and adoption professional conferences, support groups, bookstores, and retail outlets. (Click here for distribution details)

Optimize and expand your digital reach:

  • BuildingYourFamily.com is a responsive site: content, listings, and advertising are all optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet viewing.

  • Banner advertising may be targeted by topic, by zip code, by state, by mobile, tablet, desktop.

  • We’ll work with you to create a specialty program, a contest, sponsored content and much more.

Contact us! We’d love to talk about your marketing goals
and how we can help you achieve them.

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